Festival season continues

Another weekend another Festival comes to town, this time the Town and Country Fair came to Parker’s Piece for the weekend, and as it was nice-ish weather I headed down for a visit.

I think the first time I visited Cambridge before I moved here, this fair was on, I can remember wandering around completely disorientated and trying to figure out where I was in relation to the city centre/river etc. I’ve figured out my way around a little more now 🙂

Anyway…. this is a two day fair has been running for 12 years now, and its your usual collection of stall with arts crafts, food and drink. How can I say usual? its all unique 😉 But they also have ferret racing, terrier racing, bottle feeding lambs and goats, a dog show and some trains. There’s even a miniature train that kids can ride on around the green.

Ferret racing was one of the more interesting yet the slowest races ever, none of the ferrets seemed particularly inclines to leave their huts and would change their mind about running down the tubes of the course and instead run back to their houses!

I’ve never seen a horse show before and was impressed by the formations and co-ordination of the horses and their riders to the music. Well done to Ellie as it was her first performance 🙂


There were loads of other performances and races to watch; Terrier racing, a bike stunt show and of course food and craft stalls. It kinda reminded me of the town and country fair that Cambridge has in September, with three big tents, two full of crafts and the center tent full of food stalls complete with samples. Is it just me who comes home with a very random selection of things that I’ve tried and liked and then had to figure out what meal I’m going to make with all of them?

This reminded me so  much of my childhood, making cars and things out of k-nex, but this was on a much bigger scale, most of the rides/rollercoasters moved all in aid of raising money for Great Ormond Street.

Hope you all had a good weekend!



2 thoughts on “Festival season continues

  1. Did you get a chance to bottle feed the lambs and goats? I personally find goats absolutely adorable!


    1. I didn’t get the chance but did watch them. I agree they are so cute 🙂


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