Week 24 of gratitude


Had a beautiful day in the sunshine, kayaked out to Grantchester then visited the Tea Rooms for a cream tea πŸ™‚ I love unplanned days that turn into a lot of fun.


An evening in πŸ™‚ It feels like a while since I’ve had an evening in so its been nice to have a chance to catch up on tv and odd jobs.


Got up this morning to find this note on the kitchen floor from my housemates, with the box was weighted down to make sure the spider hadn’t escaped. Can you tell they’re terrified of spiders? Made me laugh though, especially when I released the spider and it sprinted straight back for our house.


Thankful to finish work a little early (yay for time owing) and spend a warm sunny evening watching the Bumps races on the Cam.


An evening out with work colleagues, lots of food and chat before a weekend off.


I love living in a city where there’s lots going on. Spent the day watching the bumps plus got my pb for this year at park run.


Cardboard boat race, do I need to say more? I love the atmosphere of everyone coming together to laugh at the antics and enjoy an afternoon out.


2 thoughts on “Week 24 of gratitude

  1. Great pictures that cardboard race looks hilarious! I punted along the Cam for my hen do 2 years ago this weekend and it was so much fun😊 Well done on your pb too! My husband runs park runs when he can and is always chuffed with a pb.


    1. It was so funny to watch, some of the boats were pretty impressive too! And thanks πŸ™‚


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