Keeping things alive…

Keeping plants alive is not something that gets passed on in your genes apparently. My parents are brilliant gardeners, my Mum loves her flowers and Dad spends a lot of his time growing vegetables (and the rest of us love going home to eat all his fresh veg) but that somehow seemed to miss me out.

When I was a child I had my own mini garden, but I dont remember growing that much in it, when I left my first job my leaving present was a plant which I promptly semi killed, gave to my Dad who managed to revive it and gave it back to me, which I then killed. I think my problem is I go from underwatering them, then overwatering them to make up for it. Opps….

Anyway for Christmas I was given a rhubarb plant from a friend, as they know I love rhubarb. Mmmmmmmmm love the stuff. I asked my Dad how to look after it and he gave me a few hints. Rhubarb plants normally like being in the ground as opposed to a pot, however I currently rent a house so cant really go round digging up the garden, doubt the landlord would like it! So I went out and found the largest pot that I could, got some good soil and planted my rhubarb as direct. I tried to find the sunniest area of our garden and left it well alone. According to my Dad and Dr Google they like to have plenty of sun and well drained soil but dont require much care.Sounds like the perfect plant for me!

I know we had a long winter this year so wasn’t sure how much this would delay plant growth but by April the rhubarb plant started to grow tiny little leaves. I carried on as I had been (basically ignoring it and moving it into a sunnier spot and watering it occasionally).

Well…. I’m not exactly sure what went wrong but I checked on the plant again the other day and it doesn’t look great….. In fact it looks very dead to me. Opps. Not entirely sure what I did wrong, maybe the sun we do get wasn’t enough for the plant? Our garden is tiny and pretty shaded so its a possibility! Or maybe Rhubarb is definitely not meant to grow in a pot?

In any case I’ve decided that plant growing is not for me, therefore I will try a different hobby in the future, sorry Dad!


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