Week 25 of gratitude


Went with Dan to watch the Trinity College May Ball fireworks, they were so good, set in time to music and incorporated the bridge over the cam and some water fountains. One day I’d love to set off a firework…. for some reason my parents didn’t trust me to try…..


I’ll be honest, today I’m struggling to be grateful. There’s a lot of things that are making me frustrated and I find it hard to get out of that mindset. But I will make the choice not to whine and feel sorry for myself, I will find positives each day, that’s the whole point of this exercise, to be more grateful and less self pitying!

So today I am grateful for the things I do have and have had; opportunity to travel, live in a place I love, great friends, been to Harry Potter studios, seen Niagara falls. Its amazing after listing a few things I feel happier 🙂

I may not have everything I want but I’ve got whats important to me.


Having a chilled evening with housemates eating crumble and watching Planet Earth. So nice to feel relaxed!


What I expected to be a busy horrible day at work turned out to be a nice day. Happy Claire.


Day off no 1. Bridesmaid dressing fitting and the dress fits, yay! Plus two hours chatting with Jodie, it was nice to have someone on the drive home.


My final birthday celebration, birthday lunch with Fran. She is always so positive and happy, I always come back from meeting up with her feeling brighter and happier.


Singing on the river, picnic and lots nice chats. I’m grateful for these moments.

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