Singing on the river

Wasn’t it a gorgeous weekend? I love summer especially when its like this, there’s so many things you can do when its sunny! And what could be better on a sunny evening than a picnic with live music?


Singing on the river in true Cambridge tradition involves ‘The Kings Men’ (a men’s choral group) singing from punts outside the famous Kings College Chapel. I heard about it last year, at the last minute when it was a little too late to go, but definitely wanted to add it to my ‘things to experience in Cambridge’ bucket list. I don’t often go to concerts/festivals or gigs (not that I don’t love music) so this would be something different for me.

I mentioned going to Dan a while back and got a non-committal response, until Saturday when he asked if I had got tickets…. tbh I can’t complain I hadn’t made much of an effort to book tickets early as this is England and you never know what the weather might do. Somehow sitting under an umbrella in the pouring rain listening to men sing didn’t have the same appeal! Anyway this weekend had gorgeous weather, perfect for a picnic, so we got tickets, snacks, my favourite Riesling and headed off to sit in Kings grounds (on the hallowed grass no less).

When we arrived there were quite a few people already there so we didn’t get a seat with a view of the river, but thankfully the grass was dry so we sat and people watched until the concert began.However people did swap places or let people through to take photos which was nice.

I can’t remember the list of songs that were sung, but it was a variety of traditional choral songs, variations of songs and modern charts records. I wished I had brought my notebook with me so I could doodle while listening (I’m really not good at sitting and doing nothing) instead I borrowed a piece of paper and scribbled a little while listening.

It was beautiful, the harmonies were perfectly blended and so relaxing, I loved listening to them performing.  In between songs there was a short introduction to each piece of music, why it was chosen or some jokes about the group.

As a finale they sang ‘When she loved me’ from Toy Story as the punter (he must have had good arm muscles to push the three punts strapped together) punted them back down the river.


We then had a wander around the college, although I’ve been here before there were a lot of details I hadn’t noticed before, like the dragon wrapped round the metal work of the gates outside the Chapel. Dan studied at Downing College, so told me about his student life (very different to mine; they had fancy dinner where they had to dress up in a tux, we tended to have dinners at the local Wetherspoons… lol) and some stories that I’d hadn’t already heard about past students.


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