VR Gaming with a Mouse

For the first time ever… I played a VR game!

Context: I live in a house with three other gaming geeks (their description of themselves, not mine and I love them anyway) and they’re always trying to get me into playing one game or another. They’re also animators/character artists for a games company…. yep I fit right in lol.

One thing about me (whisper it) I’ve never been big on games… I played age of empires, and some build a hospital game when I was a kid, but never got into the whole multiplayer games etc. I’ve never developed the coordination for running fighting etc.

They’ve tried to get me into games before, but mostly I run into a wall and get stuck while the opponent beats me up. The other games they’ve true to get me into ended with the cute character/character I connected with most dying. Nope, not going to happen, I do happy things to relax, not sad!

Anyway, Siobhan found this new game that she thought I might enjoy, as it’s about a cute mouse called Quill ๐Ÿ™‚ animals are more my thing than fighting. Plus Yogi has a VR headset so it’s a whole new way of gaming that they thought I might enjoy, so this evening I settled in for a session of relaxing game play. Well it kinda worked; Siobhan took over anytime there was fighting/any coordination required and I did the wandering around exploring bit.

Siobhan with a VR headset on

With VR, you have a headset on and move your head to look around your environment, and have a controller to move your character. Apparently some people get travel sickness while playing via VR headsets? I guess the head moving/body staying still is too much for it to cope with.

The game is called Moss and it follows the adventures of a mouse named Quill who is off to save his uncle from Scarffog, a fire breathing snake. Along the way you can solve puzzles and collect scrolls. It’s definitely a cute little mouse protagonist, he’s adorable especially when he’s cutting down thorn bushes and climbing. He does an adorable bum wiggle ๐Ÿ™‚ they’d better not kill him off…..

Playing it through a Vr headset adds another dimension to the game (pun intended), as you can see so much more detail, plus you have the option of changing position to get a different view which helps when solving puzzles, I.e some things can only be seen by standing and looking down on the ‘world’. It feels a bit wierd having the headset on, the work around you disappears and you do feel like you’re in a completely different place. It’s a little more weird when another person is playing and they’re staring at you but don’t even know you’re there….

hope you’re having a good weekend!



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  1. Nice Post and your VR is so cool.


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