Week 28 of gratitude


Trying out a new recipe and it worked out better than I expected 🙂


Off to Devon for a few days and the holiday feeling is high.


I love the opportunity to try new things and recently I’m loving anything arty and creative, so a friend invited me along to her art clubs exhibition to see their work and listen to a talk from one of their members. The art they do is amazing, all different types and genres to enjoy and listening to someone talk about what motivates them and their thought process is inspiring. Pass me the pencils and sketch pad!


Spent the morning with a friends mum who showed me some of her art, I love when people share their talents 🙂

Plus Watched the sunset over the sea and had a hot chocolate (not that it’s cold even at 10pm at night) feel truly blessed to enjoy these things.


Went diving in Cornwall again, at the bottom of the shot line there was a whole shoal of fish, I spent most of my dive sitting with them swimming around me!


Got to go paddleboarding again, this time on the sea! It took me a while longer to get standing and get my balance, plus I’m covered in bruises but it was worth it. A new hobby!


Sometimes it’s the standard ordinary thing like sitting in the kitchen, with friends and chatting for hours about anything and everything.

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