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Ever since I was a couple of years old I’ve been making up stories. When I was tiny my mum used to tell me stories when I was having my hair washed (which I hated-the shampoo stung my eyes!!) and a few years ago I wrote down as many of them that I could remember for her birthday present.

I’ve always enjoyed writing out little stories and illustrating them but haven’t done it in a while. Originally with the bucket list I wanted to write out a short story with a little more depth to it, however after drawing out my little hedgehog I had the idea for a story for her and a friend called Squarney, named after my toy squirrel when I was a child. Maybe I’ll work on a proper short story sometime, but this was something fun to do while sitting by the river 🙂

Hattie and Squarney


Hattie and Squarney are good friends. On weekends they go to the park together to play, Hattie likes the slide best, but Squarney loves the swings. They go to school together and like play games at break time.

One day Hattie didn’t turn up to school. She was in the playground, or in lessons, or at assembly, or at break time or lunch time or home time. Squarney felt very lonely without Hattie.


The next day Hattie wasn’t at school again. Squarney didn’t know where she was. Squarney told her mummy that Hattie hadn’t been to school today, or yesterday.

‘Don’t worry’ said Mummy ‘All Hedgehogs go to sleep for the winter when the weather is cold. It’s called hibernating. Hattie is tucked up in her bed cozy and warm for winter.’


Squarney was still worried about Hattie. ‘If she’s asleep Hattie won’t be able to eat.’ Squarney thought, ‘I must make sure she has some food.’ So Squarney took some nuts from her cupboard and took them to Hattie’s house. No one answered the door, so Squarney left them on the doorstep.


Squarney missed Hattie a lot. All winter Hattie didn’t come to school. She wasn’t awake when it snowed and they made snowmen. Or when it was icy and they went ice skating. Or even at Christmas.


Squarney felt very sad. ‘How will I be able to give Hattie her Christmas present if she’s asleep?’ He said. Mummy Squirrel had a very good idea. ‘Don’t worry’ said Mummy Squirrel, ‘I know what we’ll do.’

Slowly the weather started getting warmer. The flowers started coming out, the leaves grew on the trees and there were little lambs in the fields.


One day Squarney woke up very early, today was the day! Together Mummy Squirrel and Squarney went to Hattie’s house to get ready for the big surprise that they had planned.


Now that it was warm Hattie was starting to wake up, slowly she stretched her legs out, then she opened her eyes. Slowly she got up and looked out of her bedroom window. She gasped in surprise.



She ran downstairs and opened the door and ran outside into the sunshine. Squarney ran up to her and gave her a big hug, he was very excited to see her again.


‘You didn’t get to celebrate Christmas in the winter, so we made you Christmas in spring instead!’ said Squarney. They had lunch together and swapped presents and played with their toys. ‘The best present is having you awake again’ said Squarney.



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