Picnic in the park

Not really a festival, but something I heard from New in Cambridge and wanted to go to. Who doesn’t like a picnic in the sun (?) listening to music?

Every Wednesday evening throughout July a different musical group performs in the Botanical gardens in Cambridge. It costs £6 to get into the Gardens but there is no extra charge for the concert and you can wander around after the concerts finished until closing time.

I’ve never been to the Botanical gardens, I want to go when all the flowers are out and it looks all pretty, but as spring was a bit weird this year I didn’t get the time to go. However the gardens are still pretty with some summer flowers out, and the lawn is one of the few green lawns left! Most that I have seen recently seem to be a summer shade of yellow brown….

I got there just as the concert started and played a game of musical chairs trying to find the right spot to eat my picnic and listen. Along with the concert theres Jacks Gelato, a food stall and the Thirsty stall. I love the Thirsty wine bar so I was happy to see these guys and their Riesling. Happy days!

This week it was the turn of TG Collective to entertain us, they’re described as ‘bring together an intriguing mix of hotclub, flamenco, jazz and contemporary classical influences,’ consisting of two guitarists, violin, double bass clarinet/sax and trumpet. I’ll take their word for it as I’m not an expert in musical genres, I just know it was nice chill out music.

I can’t usually sit around and do nothing, even if I’m watching a film I like to have something to do (I think I’ve mentioned that before?) so I’d bought my sketchpad and pens with me and sat doodling while listening.

If I’m being honest, it was described as an event for people of all ages, so a lot of people bought their children, however there wasn’t much for them to do, kids don’t want to sit around listening to music and there was no space for them to play, so there were a few unhappy children. I moved a couple of times after being stood on/had a child screaming in my ear.

However once I’d found the right place it was lovely, the music fitted into the garden setting; not too structured, relaxed and easy listening. It’s a great way to spend a mid week evening, and I’m hoping the weather stays nice for more likewise evenings can be had!

After the concert I had a brief wander round part of the gardens. Aren’t they pretty?



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  1. So glad you enjoyed – it’s such a great summer event in the city and this year, we’re having the perfect weather for it!!


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