Week 29 of gratitude


Grateful for once last day of annual leave. Grateful to have things to keep me busy. Grateful for plans.


As much as I didn’t want to go back to work after the holiday (who ever does?) it was great to see friends again.


Today was a day of meetings at work, so we decided to make it more enjoyable by having brunch. Nom nom.


Punic in the park accompanied by music, lovely way to unwind.


Nice day at work and managed to finish a little early to go and watch the Town Bumps race finale.


Did my bcu 1* kayaking course today, had the perfect weather for it, especially as we had to capsized and rescue the boats. It all went well and got to meet some new people, (I still hate walking into rooms of people I don’t know, I feel like a child again and want to hide,but they’re all friendly people 🙂 ) made with plans to paddle together next week. Now to stretch and rest!


So achy and bruised today, I’m so grateful for heated water in our house! It may sound flippant, but I do mean it, imagine having to lug in cold water and heat it to have a bath… or not have clean water at all. Definitely grateful.

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