Perfect time to try a new hobby

This is going to be a long convoluted way of achieving something on my bucket list, but there is a reason for it being this way…. I’ve wanted to try white water rafting for a while, I love water sports and adrenaline, so of course it appeals. I could book a day and go for a trip somewhere to do it, however most people I know have either tried it before or aren’t into it, and it doesn’t sound fun to do it on my own. Plus who would take gorgeous photos of me looking like a drowning rat??

Soooo plan b; Cambridge has a Canoe/Kayak club that does trips to white water kayaking plus training. Sorted! First things first; I have to join the club and learn how to kayak properly. I’ve kayaked before, I did a 5 day trip round part of the South Island of New Zealand, but never learnt how to do it ‘properly’. And if I’m going to throw myself into fast moving water I want to know what I’m doing. Right…..


I tried booking onto the course back in May, but the paces filled up really quickly, this course is obviously popular! Next time the course came up I was up as soon as possible to book my place.

This weekend was the weekend for my course, its a two day thing and you get to try out all different kinds of boats; kayaks, canoes, sit on top kayaks, racing kayaks, paddleboards etc, just to get a feel of everything. At first I wondered how Ā ‘learning the basics of kayaking’ could take two days, but apparently it can!


I felt like school kid walking up to the Canoe Club Boat house for the first time, not knowing anyone and feeling like I have to be brave and talk to people. Its weird how little things can take you right back and make you feel so young again. Randomly one of the guys from my work was also on the same course as me, so at least there’s one familiar face. However it was small group of 10 so we all got to know each other quickly enough.

We did the basic paddle forwards, backwards, but also learnt to go sideways… The most challenging but is to go forwards in a straight line, wobbly yes can do that, but going straight and avoiding the obstacles is not so easy, and on the Cam there area a lot of obstacles, especially the punts and ducklings!

I’m hoping this lovely weather stays for a little while, I would be gutted to have finally done the course and not be able to go kayaking to cool off in the evenings. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine and not too hot, just remember; in a few months time we’ll be saying how cold it is!




3 thoughts on “Perfect time to try a new hobby

  1. Sound great. I am happy that people want to learn new things. I love to learn new languages. In Finland, this is difficult:

    Rafting competition standing on log in river

    Famous Japanese TV-star tried it. In the beginning of this post, there is some samba dancers in the middle of nowhere

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. Wow that rafting competition looks like it took some balancing skills!
      Thanks šŸ™‚ You too!

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      1. Thank You. šŸ™‚


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