Week 30 of gratitude


Very grateful for salads atm, there’s something so nice about a cold crispy salad that appeals on a hot summery day.


This is going to sound like the most stupid thing….. I’m grateful for shorts and vest tops! Usually I cycle in jeans and a tshirt and for some stupid reason I’ve carried on doing that even in this heat. However today I finally woke up to the fact that shorts and a vest top will be much cooler, tadaaaaahhhh! Much nicer cycle to work!


Had a lovely day off, went to an art gallery, back to the tea gardens in Grantchester where it was actually cool! Plus in the evening I went to the kayak club social paddle that they do weekly, and met loads lovely new people followed by a trip to the pub 🙂


Still grateful for the sunshine, I know a lot of people are done with the heat and the sun, but I’m still loving it. #sorrynotsorry. Just think, soon it will be winter again!


Work bought us ice lollies today…..mmmmmmm perfect! It also dyed my tongue, lips and gums blue which made talking to Patients more interesting…..

Also on my bike ride home it rained, and it felt so amazingly refreshing.


Saw some cute tiny ducklings today, who decided to follow me in my kayak as if I was their mummy duck. So fluffy and adorable 🙂


Afternoon naps ahhhhhh. Do I need to say anymore?

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