Pay it forward

Pay it forward is a lovely concept that has the idea to give something to someone without expecting payment back, instead the person then helps out another person. Its been used in several books and films and encourages a spirit of giving without expecting anything back. Basically it encourages more giving and joy for both the recipient and the giver and who doesn’t want that in their life?

I wrote it on my bucket list, however I don’t feel entirely comfortable sharing what I’ve done (its supposed to be a surprise/secret!) , so instead I am sharing some of the kind things that I have seen or heard other people do.

  • A guy steering his canal boat along the Cam when a boat of rowers training for bumps week was just behind. He pulled to the side to let them through and shouted encouragement to them as they passed.
  • There’s a herd of cows on stourbridge common, they’re young and feisty and seem to enjoy running as a herd. Last weekend I was reading a book and minding my own business when they decided to have a little race and I just happened to be in the way, or maybe I was supposed to be the referee and didn’t get the memo? Next thing I know I have to move as fast as possible or become Claire-soup. An older couple invite me to join them further down the common for ‘safety in numbers’. Yep I’ll take the offer thanks!
  • This sign on one of the Canal boats warning the rowers and kayakers about the family of swans and cygnets out on the river. (Can you tell I spend a lot of time by the river?)
  • When working a weekend one of the Drs bought in snacks and treats for us to enjoy 🙂
  • I do Parkrun each Saturday (a free 5k run round various parks around the world), and every week people are so supportive of each other, it doesn’t matter how slow/fast you go, as people overtake each other they shout out support and cheer you on.


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