Role reversal; a short story

I am a usual being in a normal life, maybe different from your normal, but who defines what normal is anyway? I spend my time enjoying my own company, living away from others. I’m a vegetarian, which is something that may surprise you when you hear the rest of my story. I have never intentionally caused harm unless it was deserved or in self-defence. And that is all you need to know about me.

The interesting part of my story is actually belonging to someone else. A young, beautiful lady who literally fell into my life one early autumn morning, desperately asking me for help and protection. Why she asked me I am not entirely sure, as I am usually avoided due to my looks, and I knew that assumptions would be made and a price on my head would be set. Still this did not deter me. She had had the courage to leave so how could I refuse her?

She was not your typical meek, quiet, gentle female or the warrior princess that is often portrayed as a hero. Yes she had these attributes, but with a fire that burned from passion and strength the motivated her onward. She had brains and used them, but longed to see more of life itself than the box around her and this intrigues me.

Initially I left her on her own, in the place that she chose to be in, with just my reputation and their lack of knowledge to protect her. For a while this was enough and we happily spent our time continuing in my new normal.

Over time she explained her story more fully to me. She said she was due to have an arranged marriage, more for the good of the people around her than for her, therefore it was inevitable that they would find where she was hiding and who she was with. The man was not your fairytale prince, nor your evil villain, instead an incompatibility that lead her to decide this was not for her and to seek out a new beginning.

Life became interesting on that day as that was exactly what happened. They came in droves, seeking to destroy my abode, to ‘rescue’ her and take her back to the life she knew. They came with weapons large and small, trying to find the weakness in my armor, hoping for their fairytale ending. I am only one being, against hordes, what could I do? I have strength that they do and do not know about and sometimes my reputation is helpful.

The battle was fought intensely with the heat of fire and blades as sharp as claws fighting from both sides. She did not try to escape or hide as I thought she might, instead she stayed close to me, advising me when she could about their battle plans. She had seen them fighting before and knew their weaknesses, and this was my strongest defence.

Eventually after long hours of to and fro fighting, they had seen enough; in their heads the stories they had heard were true so they chose to withdraw, regroup and develop another plan, and so I must fight again.

My reputation may be deserved or not, depending on which side of the story you look as I protect the ones I can but at a great cost to others. Remember even those others are loved by someone.

However maybe there is one part that I should have mentioned at the beginning of my narrative and that is that I am not the prince of the fairytale as you would imagine, instead I am the dragon.

Usually I write an introduction to my blog posts, this time I chose to write things a little differently. I love reading fantasy and crime books, and when I was younger I used to write stories as well, spending hours typing away at our old family computer. I haven’t done this in a long time and often struggled to find a story that inspired me to write, got writers block ten sentences in and overthought things. Today I read a number of short stories by…… who had found her inspiration for 4 short stories through a pinterest post. I had never thought of that and started going through pinterest, looking at pictures, photos, quotes anything really and writing the stories behind them. This was one of the ideas that captured my mind and scribbled it out quickly without taking too much time to overthink it, rewrite it and talk myself out of writing it.


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