Week 31 of gratitude


I paddleboarded out to Grantchester and back, going out was hard work with the wind against me, but coming back was so lovely and peaceful. Plus I had my first meeting as chairman of the Scuba diving club and it was short and sweet. Happy times!


Having an evening ‘off’ most evenings I’m quite busy doing one thing and another, so this evening was the perfect chill and do whatever time.


I’m grateful that its stayed sunny. You know how often it is sunny until the kids break up from school and then it rains for the entire holiday? I’m glad for them that at least they get a bit of sunshine this summer!


Had a lovely glass of orange juice today, random I know but somehow I crave oragne juice on really hot days?


Matt is back from holiday πŸ™‚ Yayyy so good to have him back, work is definitely quieter without him around. And yes Matt I know you’re reading πŸ˜› Thanks for the chocolate!


Spent the day kayaking out to waterbeach and back with some new friends, enjoying some cider and cocktails along the way πŸ™‚


I made my own version of Jamie Oliver’s mince and onion pie and it worked πŸ™‚ thankfully risks sometimes work out!


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