Bucket list part two

Soooooo when I first started Adventure 30 I though 50 things was a lot of things to get through in a year, considering I have originally cut the list down from over 100 things…. So far I’ve got through loads of them, and am loving how much its motivating me to try new things etc. Its amazing how many opportunities there are to try new and exciting things, when you just look for them 🙂

After looking through the rest of my list I felt a bit sad that either I can get some of the things done really easily, or some of them look like they might not work out (sob sob) but still hoping they will. So I’m going to extend my bucket list to another few things to try throughout the rest of the year. Any suggestions for any other things I might enjoy?

Bucket list part two

  1. Try Cafe Abantu
  2. See a musical
  3. Be involved in a research project
  4. Make a recipe book of recipes I can make well.
  5. Have my running gait assessed
  6. Visit a new city
  7. Go to Disney on Ice
  8. Go to a Dive show
  9. Cook a traditional dish from another culture
  10. See a Ted talk live
  11. Halloumi fries
  12. Try wild swimming
  13. Write a letter of thanks to a company/service provided



4 thoughts on “Bucket list part two

  1. How are your budgeting goals after June and July going? Another bucket list idea- another goal like that?

    Fundraise for a charity? A couple friends and I have started doing an annual run on Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving when most people go shopping because of all the deals. We do it through Heifer International. We make our own event, make a fundraising page, and then specify we want the money to be used for the purchase of goats for families. Thought of this because I’m setting up the team page today and trying to decide whether to make it the usual 5k or to go for a 10k. Maybe do something like that? Isn’t there a shelter you talk about volunteering with? Not sure if you still do that. But perhaps create an event like a 5k, create a fundraising page, and funds raised go towards purchasing items for that shelter? Or the scuba place? Or something else personal to you?


    1. They’ve been ok, I haven’t saved a huge amount but I also haven’t gone into my savings for anything either, so I’m still counting that as a win!
      Thanks for the ideas! I’m collecting a few more 🙂


  2. Most running specialty stores will complete a running gait analysis for you!

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    1. Thanks! I’ll have a look around 🙂


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