Week 32 of gratitude


Spending time writing a few random short stories, just for the fun of it. I’ve never sat down and written out a plan of a book, written more depth to characters and I’m enjoying creating these people in my mind.


Tried an okyos apple and cinnamon yoghurt today and its amazing, it tastes like apple pie and cream mmmmmm.


Had my second bridesmaid dress fitting today (my brother is getting married to one of my close friends in September 🙂 and it fits fine yay.


Hanging out with Damaris and Emma, kayaking along the cam chatting about life, I love these things.


Went to a talk by one of the Consultants that I work with, to hear about his research into the treatment of varicose veins (yes I know most people will think that’s boring lol) but it was really interesting to see how all the new treatments work and how they can help.


I was flicking through the ‘search’ function on wordpress, just reading through any blogs that caught my eye. One of them is about the 7 deadly sins of blogging,   and it suggested reflecting on each individual who takes time out of their day to read what you’ve written. When I started blogging I didn’t think many people would read what I write, or if I should do it (so many doubts) so thank you for reading/commenting/liking etc. And I do mean it (how cheesy does that sound though?!)


Had an amazing meal at Rice Boat, it does Indian food but not the stereotypical food you usually get (no korma etc) plus it does the most amazing pistachio kulfi for pudding. Good food and good company 🙂

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