Did I ever mention that I love holiday planning?

I love getting unexpectedly exciting texts, it always makes life more fun. Today I received one of those texts from my friend Kathryn, asking if I had any annual leave to use up at the beginning of next year, as she would love to visit Disneyland Paris. Well yes I do have some annual leave left and yes I may be able to spare it for a trip to Disney (if I ever say no you know somethings wrong with me… however doesn’t look like I’ll achieve going to Disney at Christmas this year.. never had one year I will!)


I’ve been twice before to Paris and once to Florida, however one of the trips I spent the morning running a Disney race and the remainder recovering from running! Plus there’s always new stuff to see and I LOVE seeing people experience Disney for the first time.


Sooooo let the planning begin!

What’s on my to do list?

  1. Snow White ride. I didn’t get to go on this previously as my nephew was terrified of the evil stepmother, hopefully Kathryn will be less scared?
  2. Fireworks, nothing beats the Disney fireworks
  3. It’s a small world; I’ve been on the Disney world version but not this one!
  4. Crush’s coaster…. it appeals to the scuba diver in me.
  5. Staying onsite. We compared prices for on and off site and for the cheapest hotel there’s not much in it… when you count in the bonuses of less travel, free transportation, extra magic hours and extra lie in time it’s a no brainer really!
  6. However…. I have never been to Disney or France in winter time before. I’m guessing that means take lots layers, be prepared for cold and wet but hopefully have some shorter queues?
  • So guys, what’s your must do at Disneyland? Any tips for going in March? And any food suggestions would be great!
  • Xx

3 thoughts on “Did I ever mention that I love holiday planning?

  1. The Jungle Cruise. I rode it multiple times on my one visit to the Florida Disney because of the one-liner jokes.


  2. I love the toy story rides. So much fun. But I haven’t been to California in 11 years. Guessing there’s a world of difference now


  3. What an amazing trip!


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