Week 33 of gratitude


Spent the day relaxing with Siobhan, holiday planning (more on this later!!) and writing. I haven’t done any writing in ages, so now I’ve got back into it, it feels great!


After a fairly rubbish day at work Dan bought me some mango (my favourite fruit) nom nom. What is it with food making me happy?


We booked our trip to Disney today 🙂 anbd apparently I managed to double book it… opps (the page said session timed out, so i rebooked and yep two bookings) lets hope they refund one! But anyway yay disney trip!


The happiest sounding lady (named Ursula, do they get to rename themselves when working for Disney or is that her name?) from Disney cancelled the duplicate booking yay thank you 🙂


Hen party for Jodie part two, we went to a spa, perfect for relaxing, swimming and chatting. Plus we are so much pudding (don’t judge us :p) mmmmmm


We may have surprised Jodie with a costume for her to wear to the safari park, thankfully she had the sense of humour to enjoy it. Aren’t we pretty lol


Siobhan bought me chocolate…. yummy addictive chocolate….

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