Netflix and chill?

Last year I saw the signs for Grantchesters ‘film on the meadows’ typically on the last night when it was too late, however that was enough to make me want to add it to my bucket list for this year. I wasn’t sure how the weather would hold up so didn’t buy tickets until the last minute, and yes I went to another open air film last week as well.

Each night over the bank holiday weekend they show three different films on large screens on the meadows behind Grantchester village. You each get given a radio and headphones which you tune to the film you want to see, find the right screen (or wrong one of you want an interesting experience….) and get comfy. It’s a bit like a silent disco just with films!

There’s also pop up food trucks and a coffee and cake cafe and wine bar to keep you going with snacks and warm drinks-trust me it got cold!

I’m one of the few people who hasn’t yet seen Avengers:Infinity War so we choose to go see that on the Saturday night. It’s been weird weather recently hot and sunny then heavy showers, so we went prepared, lots of blankets a waterproof sheet and my ski jacket (that I rarely wear skiing, more for when it’s cold in the UK!). Yes it was very cold, next time I’m bringing my sleeping bag!

We got some food and the cafe kindly filled up our thermos with extra hot water for my green tea (we did buy cake mmmmm brownie) then got as comfortable as possible to watch the sunset, moonrise and wait for the film to start.

I’ve heard bits and pieces about the film so the storyline wasn’t a complete surprise, but had enough action to keep me entertained.

It’s really cool to be sitting out in the field with the river in front of us, the red rising moon just to the side and fireflies joining us later in the evening- I haven’t seen them in England before! We got great seats right at the front, there was plenty of space to spread out around and everyone could still see.

I had a great time and hopefully be back again next year!


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