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Recently I’ve been aware of how much money I waste and how much I could save that towards a house and an upcoming holiday. I’ve been thinking about buying my own place but the thought also terrifies me. However I would like to have the money to pay a deposit if I ever get over the fear of living on my own etc.

I mentioned in my earlier freakout about worrying about my finances, and fears of the past repeating itself. When I lived on my own, by the time I’d paid rent bills tax and my car there was very little left for anything else, no socializing etc and after a year I hated it so much that I moved back to my family to save some money.  Part of me is worried that I’ll end up ‘living’ the same life again; fed up and hating it.


Sooooo this month I’m going to try living frugally again, however I want to LIVE, not just exist. I still want to go out, have fun and enjoy my life, and have fun, but do it on a budget. There are two goals to this, hopefully I’ll save a bit more this month and I’ll find that I can have fun while spending as little as possible.

I’ve read several blogs by people who have had zero spend months, pay bills etc before the beginning of the month and then try to spend nothing during the month. I think for me that wouldn’t work, so instead I’m going for a minimal spend pay month (ie from pay day to next pay day).

I’ll still go out with my friends and do stuff, but mindfully spend my money rather than impulse buys. For example I take packed lunch with me to work then go to the shop downstairs and buy a chocolate bar that I really don’t need and waste so much money over the month on snacks.

So I’m going to implement mindfulness to my spending and only spend when I need to or its important to me and see how much money I can save. I’d like to save a couple of hundred extra, half to be put towards my holiday spending money and half towards my savings fund; so half fun and half grown uppy kinda stuff!


Any tips and hints would be appreciated!



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  1. Good luck. Looking forward to see how it goes for you. I love your point about LIVING and not just existing.


    1. Thanks! 1 week in and not too bad


      1. Question for you. You do photography right? Have you ever thought about doing some stock photography for extra income for savings?


      2. Yes I do some photography, but never heard of it, do you have any info? Thanks for the tip!


      3. I never heard of it either until a couple years ago. A past coworker who now does photography full-time told me about it. They did it while going to school. They explained it as “Have you ever read a brochure?” “Yeah?” “You see the pictures in there?” “Yeah?” “That’s stock photography. A generic picture that can be put in a variety of different ads or whatnot. It’s all online. You apply to a site to be a contributor. You upload photos. Ones that are approved go into your portfolio. And every time one is downloaded by their customer, you get a royalty ($) for it. And how much you make depends on the customer who buys it, what size of picture they buy, etc. And one pic can be purchased multiple times. Ex. Picture of a landscape of trees reflecting in the river during fall. You sell that picture 3 times, you get 3 royalties. Then you sell it again 4 times next month. You get another 4 royalties. (Hope my explanation makes sense.) And when you earn a certain amount, you get a payout to PayPal. There’s different sites but one I use the most is shutterstock.com. You have to do an application… like name, address, etc. And submit a few photos for consideration.. I think it was only 4 or 5? And if photos pass, than you’re free to upload and sell as a contributor. (And if don’t pass you can re-apply. When I first applied I had the dates stamped on pictures. Oops. So just took off the dates and used same pictures and reapplied and got approved.) (There are other sites but they require you to have your own website, business, etc. but this one doesn’t.) So what I do, is I live by a zoo so I upload a lot of animal portrait pics, close ups, expressions, etc. (I have some pictures under photography tab on my blog. All those are ones I’ve uploaded to site.) I also live by a community garden so upload lots of flowers, flowers after it rained so covered in dew, and vegetables growing at different stages. Also landscapes. When I ask friend how much money earn from it, they’re very tight lipped about anything money, so I’m not sure what other people earn. But I’m okay with talking about it. I have the payout set for the minimum of $35, and every time earn that amount, at the end of the month it’s sent to PayPal, and then I transfer it to bank account. When I first started, sometimes it took a couple months to hit $35 minimum, but now I hit at least that most months, and more. Right now, I’m doing everything I earn from this is going into a separate account for a trip. I don’t do pictures with people in it (because have to submit model release), so do mostly animals, flowers, nature, landscape, stuff.


      4. Ok thanks for the info I’ll have a look 🙂 sounds like a good opportunity tho


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