Week 34 of gratitude


What am I grateful for today? What am I happy about? Today I am trying to focus on what I am grateful for rather than just rush something out.

I’m grateful for lazy weekends, surprise evenings out for cocktails, deep chats with friends.

I may not be rich financially but I have so many riches to be grateful for. Cheese alert!


Had my running gait analysis today (just waiting for the results), its something that I’ve wanted to do but didn’t want to be pushed into buying new shoes by shop staff etc, however a Masters student was looking for volunteers to use in her research in exchange for a free running gait analysis so win win.


Snuggling under my duvet now its cooler again. Its been so hot recently that I didn’t need a duvet but it doesn’t feel right with no sheet or anything.


Staffing at work has been interesting recently with lots of people off, but we’ve survived and people are starting to come back. Bad for them I guess, but good to have people around again.


Today I was feeling cold at work, for the first time in a while! So I found a nice cozy blanket to wrapped round my shoulder to keep me warm, it looked weird but helped!


Films on the meadow, finally got to see Avengers infinity war, plus I loved seeing the fireflies out.


Brilliant day out to the Zoo with some friends I haven’t seen in a while, so good to catch up!

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