Going medieval

One of my friends Clare mentioned to me yesterday that there was a Medieval Fayre happening in Cambridge so I thought I’d check it out. Fayre isn’t too different to a festival is it?

It was held today at the Lepers Chapel opposite the football club from 12-4.30 today. It promised storytelling, crafts and food.

I was there for the opening ceremony from the Mayor and included a ‘proclamation’ aka telling us not to sell poor quality ale! The team were dressed in costume, which considering how sunny and warm it was today, I do feel for them!

After the opening ceremony we were encouraged to walk around and enjoy the stalls. When I was a teenager I learnt lacemaking, so I enjoying watching the women making theirs. It’s beautiful and so much more complicated than you realise!

There were also a few food stalls with some amazing looking cakes 🙂 I couldn’t stay long enough for the storytelling etc but hope it stays sunny for them.

Have fun out there guys!


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