Week 35 of gratitude


Dan is moving house, so him and his housemates were trying to get rid of all their frozen food, and kindly gave it to me 🙂 I now have loads (and I mean loads) of veg, so much that it doesn’t fit into my freezer, but yay for free food!


Happy Bank holiday! do I need to say more?


So Dan and his friends have moved out and they’ve given me more free stuff, seriously  I don’t need to buy food for at least a month plus a load of cleaning supplies etc. (I promise I did help out with cleaning their old house, I didn’t just turn up and take all their stuff 🙂 But thanks guys! And enjoy Japan!


What happened to summer? Its so grey and miserable out there! Anyway being grateful….

This evening it dried out so we went kayaking, on the way back it started raining, which was fun to watch the raindrops hitting the water and making bubbles. By the time I was back at the kayak club house I was dry again!


Had a brilliant run this morning, met some of the kayak guys out on the river and raced them back. I won, although I don’t think they knew I was racing them, but its a good way for me to push myself, and I did my run in a faster time 🙂


Had a terrible run this morning (payback for yesterday?) but had some gorgeous views that made it worthwhile.


Met up with Fran for a picnic in the sun. I love meeting up with Fran, we have great chats (it’s sometimes weird how similar things happen to us at the same time) and she’s always cheerful. 🙂

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


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