Every little….. week 1

Mostly this is written to motivate me to keep saving!

So far this week I haven’t bought any snacks, and have been given loads of free food/toiletries/cleaning stuff which has helped a lot. (A friend moved house and gave me anything they couldn’t take with them, cue a freezer stuffed full of food to the point where I don’t know if the door will shut; its like a game of tetris to get it all to fit in!:0 )

We’ve also made a pact at work between Matt Annie and myself to not go to the shop and buy snacks, having someone else to back you up and motivate you on so far has helped, as soon as one of us wants a snack the rest of us join in a trip to the shops and the couple of pounds a day added up.

How much have I saved?

approx £2 per day on snacks; £10 per week. (ouch, really?)

Travel insurance was quoted £44 for annual insurance, did some looking around and found it for 7.25 for a single trip. I don’t travel as much as I used to so having annual insurance doesn’t make financial sense really.

Not part of the plan but missed pub as not feeling great and managed to leave dry clothes at home post kayaking saved £4.50 (I’m going to see that as a silver lining, but it’s not part of my living not just existing plan; I will be back!)

Met up with Fran at the weekend and we had a picnic in the sun- much cheaper than our usual drinks and dinner out but still as much fun.

Food shop; used the scan as you shop thingy (fancy words used here!) which makes it a lot easier to track how much I’m spending as I shop! I usually shop once a week and do ‘extra’ shops throughout the week if I run out/don’t fancy what I have already *hangs head in shame* yes I know….My usual food shop spend is £20-£25 per week.

This week I haven’t done any extra shops, instead I’ve stuck to what I have at home.

Week 1 £3.38 (literally bare essentials as I have food in the freezer)

Week 2 £9.44 I usually shop at Tesco, but am thinking about trying Aldi or Lidl? Does it really make that much of a difference?

How have I failed? I have booked a holiday for next year and meant to pay it off in installments, however instead of paying it installments I managed to pay it off entirely…… opps. However it means it is paid I guess!

Bring on week 2!


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