Week 36 of gratitude


Its a perfect sunny day so I’m back sitting by the river enjoying a book that I’d forgotten I had (Love those times!) I also made my last of the spice box meals (Mexican spiced fish and chips) which was yummy.


Really simple thing, I saw a man walking along with his dog and it made me happy. I don’t know why such a simple thing made me smile, but they looked so happy together πŸ™‚


So glad that I never have to go back to school again! (Am I allowed to say that?) But seriously I really enjoy working so much more than school. (Just to explain, I was bullied at school and hated going in, now I’m happy in my life, sometimes you just have to keep plodding on until it gets a bit better πŸ™‚ )


I’m grateful for supercook.com. Its a website where you can type in any random ingredients you have in the cupboard and it will find some recipes to use them up. Gave me some ideas for things to do with some random stuff that been in my cupboard for a while, plus I didn’t have to buy very much more to turn things into a meal.


Thankful for people who share useful household cleaning tips πŸ™‚ it saved me a lot of hassle today!


Comparison is the thief of joy. Grateful for this quote at just the right time

I will not compare, I will be happy in my life!


Whatever you feel about Pokemon go. It gets people out of the house and meeting other people. Today I joined Siobhan on a walk to catch a Moltres, it’s fun and you get to meet loads other people you wouldn’t start talking to otherwise. Plus they’re super organised!



2 thoughts on “Week 36 of gratitude

  1. I think you learn more once you have left school. They don’t teach you living skills, like how to pay bills etc..
    I was bullied too, so all through comprehensive school, I have no happy memories there. Once I left, there was no looking back.


    1. My housemate and I often say there should be some class where they teach you banking, mortgages, bills etc would be really helpful for later in life.
      I’m the same, I was bullied in upper school and hated it, literally cried myself to sleep sometimes, but I’m glad I made it through as life has got so much better πŸ™‚

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