Every little week 2

How has this week gone?

Well I have written a meal plan! I went through all my food in the freezer (I tend to have a cooking day where I make lots meals and then freeze it all, I still can’t get portion sizes for one person right) so I’ve planned out what meals I have available and puddings/snacks and written out what I’m having when, it may change around during the week but I am not going to go out and buy anything extra if I don’t fancy that meal right now.

Ive also put some stuff up for sale on eBay, so hoping it sells. I’ve also got a giant bag of clothes that I don’t think will sell so might try sending it to those places where they give you money per kg. Its only 50p for kg or something like that, but I have a lot of it! Any thoughts if it worth it or not?

Food shop for week 3 I tried going to Aldi instead of my usual supermarket; just to see if I would save money and if it was worth going that much further out of my way to shop there regularly. My shop cost £8.60, so not bad! Most of that was for a meal I cooked for a friend who came to visit instead of going out to dinner, and my entire weeks food cost less than our usual meal out.

Would I shop there all the time? probably not, Tesco is fairly close to me, but if I have the time or in that part of town at the right time then yes I probably would.

The other thing I’ve looked at is moving my ISA account around to get more interest on it, however a lot of the ISA I can see tend to be fixed term ISA which I think means I can’t access the money for however long the contract states. Which doesn’t hep me much as the whole point of saving more is so I can hopefully buy place in the next couple of years! Any advice from anyone would be appreciated 🙂

(I’ve been so so tempted to go buy snacks this evening (not helped by the Great British Bake-off!) but I’m not going to, instead I’ll put my pjs on, light some candles and snuggle on my giant cushion and eat the snacks I already have in the house 🙂


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