Week 38 of gratitude


Two meal shares today with two different sets of friends 🙂 one of them bought Ben and Jerry’s chocolate brownie ice cream. Mmmmmmmmm love it.


My wordpress app stopped working yesterday, which was a big problem as I try to use my own photos for blog posts and upload them via my phone…. I’ve tried deleting the app and hoping that when I reinstall the app it will loads again. I will need to get a new phone in the near future but I was hoping it wouldn’t be this month! (Its not just the app not working thats making think of that, the phone is getting old…..) anyway I deleted the app and redownloaded it and it works again. Happy days.


Enjoying the cosy evenings on with a duvet. I don’t like winter much but do love my duvet!


Had a great day working with Annie 🙂 love days like today where everyone gets on and it all works out ok.


Wedding rehearsal today and things seem to have worked out after lots of stress!


Congratulations little brother (Richard) and best friend (Jodie) who got married today. So happy for them!


happy birthday to my Dad (technically it was his birthday yesterday but wedding…… Dad didn’t mind!) so we celebrated with a meal with some family friends. Happy unbirthday birthday Dad!

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