Every little…..Week 3

I have lots of different ‘weekly things’ don’t I? Gratitude, budget etc!

This week was always going to be slightly more expensive as it’s my brothers wedding to one of my best friends (yes I introduced them, yes I’m claiming credit for ‘setting them up’) Yayyy finally!! Congrats guys! Plus it was my dads birthday-on the same day as the wedding. But yep that meant petrol for the car etc plus my frozen food is finally running out.

However with being out so much this week it means I’ve barely eaten at home, butttt I haven’t had to pay for extra food either, so hopefully the food will last til the end of the month.

This weeks food shop cost £6.10 also my Dad gave me some veg that he’s grown which has replenished my frozen veg supply and we got some sweets at the wedding; sweets and cake have been some of the things I’ve been avoiding buying so it was a nice treat!

Petrol £55 (ouch!!! But I don’t fill it up that often so hopefully will last a while)

I’ve been staying motivated to not overspend on snacks etc, being a bridesmaid helps with that (have to fit into my dress!) but I’m trying to get the balance between not becoming obsessed with every penny and slipping back into mindless spending.



2 thoughts on “Every little…..Week 3

  1. It is about finding the balance, as you say.
    I am enjoying your blog.


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