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While in London I always try to check out a few museums, there’s always something new to see and new to learn! There’s so much variety and they’re not as boring a I believed when I was a child. I love history, animals and travelling so I usually go for museums that are related to those subjects 🙂

This week I went to the British Museum and the National Gallery (and the national Portrait Gallery by mistake…) both of which I’ve been too before, but knew there were certain things I wanted to see.

When I walked into the room it felt like I was being watched by this painting!

Sometimes when I want to rest my feet while in London I’ll go and sit in the National Gallery and look at some of the paintings, The Cornfield by John Constable below is one of my favourites 🙂

This year I’ve become more interested in art, more specifically impressionism art, so wanted to see Monet’s work in the National Gallery. I found it really inspiring, to see the waterlilies painting and the works of the people that inspired him.

Although I’m not a massive fan of Van Gough’s work, its inspiring that he found something interesting in the simple things in life, like a chair. So often I think I need an unusual subject or need to travel to find something to photograph/draw/paint when really there’s a lot of things around me that I could use instead.

The mix of history and travel makes me come back to the British Museum time and again, I love ancient Egypt and would love to visit there one day and see all the pyramids and the Nile, but seeing the Rosetta stone and items from their daily life made it seem a little closer.

I’d also like to go to the Easter Islands and see the statues, however they do have one in the museum. I never realised that they have carvings on their backs as well as the famous figure shape. Apparently these markings all have a background telling them something about the people who made them.

Until then I go to the places themselves I will visit the museum to experience what I can!



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  1. I agree with you too, that museum’s are not boring. Like you, I thought they were boring as a kid, but now I have started visiting some since my early 30’s, my view on museum’s is totally different. There is certainly something to learn from them, or just an escape from life, as you really take notice of paintings for example and get totally absorbed by them.

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