Every little…. week 4

This week may have seemed like a more expensive week if you’ve read my Seabreacher post, however I paid for that a while back so I’m not counting that in my frugality challenge!

Usually when I go to London (which isn’t that often) I don’t keep track of how much I’ve spent and often go shopping etc. Part of the challenge was to live not just exist, so the trip to London was a good challenge of that. I did spend some time almost panicking about how to make it as cheap as possible, I could get the slowest train that takes twice as long and saves £4 and I could skip buying all food and lug around a giant bag of snacks… I had to give myself a mental shake and remind myself that its ok to spend money sometimes! So my balance was to get the usual train, and buy some food while I was there but also picked up some free snacks using the Shopmium app (more on that later). As it was a nice day and I wasn’t too rushed I walked instead of getting the tube a lot so saved some money that way and went to some free Museums instead of shopping. I’m realizing that just because new clothes are out there doesn’t mean they need to be in my wardrobe!

Anyway my discovery of the week was the Shopmium app, basically its a phone app that gives you deals of food from various shops either discounted or for free. You download the app (use code z4i3q to get a free jar of nutella!) buy the product listed from the shop listed, (make sure you get a receipt) select that product send off a picture of the receipt and scan in the barcode of the item you bought and they’ll send the money back either to your bank account or Paypal account. Just be careful and make sure you buy the right product and that its the deal that you want! Some of the deals are buy one get one free, or a percentage off and some are completely free. So far I’m choosing to only get the free stuff-great for snacks for the tip to London!

Food shop costs £14.85, however I claimed £9.25 of it back through shopmobile and the free stuff is stuff I need 🙂

I’ve been reflecting on my bucket list again, one of the things that I originally wrote down was to go shopping and try on new clothes, however with the attempts to be frugal for the rest of the year I’m not sure if this is going to be a good idea or not. It could go one of two ways, I find loads of clothes that I want to buy and either buy them and fail at frugality, or I spend too much time afterwards wishing I had bought them . I could go shopping just to try on clothes that I know I would never buy just for the funny pictures, but not sure that was the point! (The idea was to try on different clothes to what I usually wear as a lot of the time I find I’m stuck in a rut and wear the same types and colours of clothes all the time.) So maybe I’ll change it for something else instead, hmmmm ideas……


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