Week 39 of gratitude



After a busy weekend it’s been nice to relax again for a day, did my unpacking, started sorting through some stuff to sell on eBay and even got to read a book in the sun. I didn’t think I’d get to do that again this year so that makes me happy 🙂


Sounds really stupid, but I got a flat tire this morning on my bike, but a) there’s a bike repair guy on site where I work and b) he inflated my back tire as well as the front so it feels fast and easy to cycle now.


Grateful for the chances to experience so many new things this year. Thank you to my friends for joining me in a lot of them 🙂


The little (big) lady on the left made it through major surgery today 🙂 Hopefully she’ll be back to her usual squeaky, food-demanding self soon.


Inspiration to write again 🙂 it had faded away for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t think of anything original to write, today I just scribbled any ideas that were in my head and came up with a storyboard outline.



Not feeling great today so glad that things haven’t been too stressful, looking forward to a chilled weekend.


I have a cold and a cough (no I’m not going to stretch as to far as to be grateful for that) however Siobhan bought me chicken soup and soothers and Dan bought me mushrooms (vitamin d is thought to prevent colds….. it’s not just a very wierd random present lol) thanks guys!


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