The day of adrenaline and hot chocolate

Day three in Slovenia 🙂

Shortly before leaving for Slovenia I’d watched Travel Man; 48 hours in Slovenia, which showed Richard Ayoade and Eddie Izzard exploring parts of Slovenia. The part that inspired me was the tobogganing; as soon as I saw it I knew Kathryn and I would want to try it.

Basically it’s sliding down a mountainside strapped to a metal/plastic tray with a brake/accelerator. What’s not to love? So today a group of us headed up the mountainside, got a chairlift to the top and slid our way back down. Several time over! The first time was just getting used to the speed and turns, after that it was more a case of forget the brake and go as fast as you can! It’s a brilliant adrenaline rush and I loved it.

After the fast pace we went for a less adrenaline packed wander round the lake and watched a guy fishing, he seemed to catch a fish, release it and catch it again, obviously they never learn…. We had lunch in the restaurant where Bled cake originated and well, it would be rude not to try it again??!!

It’s been warm in the sun/cool in the shade so I decided to have a hot chocolate to warm up and I’m glad I did. Some people don’t like the deconstructed craze but this was a good one. Lots chocolate buttons to eat or melt into milk with lots of froth and some marshmallows to go with it. Perfect 🙂

To burn off all of that we then climbed all 418 steps to Bled castle to see the view down over the lake. Unfortunately we timed it wrong so the sun was directly over the island, but still got some gorgeous views. The castle itself is pretty, the museum inside is ok, but you really should visit here for the view. Don’t look down if you don’t like heights as it’s a sheer cliff face drop down to the lake!




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