Travel the world as much as you can whenever you can.

Part of my lifetime bucket list is to travel to a new country/place I haven’t been to before at least once as year, and as I have another 30 countries in my list to visit I’d better get on with it!

This time Kathryn and I are by Lake Bled in Slovenia for a weeks holiday enjoy the sights and hopefully some autumn sun before winter locks us in.

It’s a 2hr 45 minute flight to Salzburg then we got a coach down to the hotel where we’re staying. I’m not kidding this hotel has Disney bounded (if such a thing is possible for a hotel) as Beauty and the Beasts castle. It’s got golden drapes, chandeliers, vibes growing up the outside, and a silver candlestick shaped like lumiere (yes I know he was golden coloured…)

We arrived late at night so didn’t see any of the surrounding countryside or the view from our window. The next morning I woke early and immediately checked outside….

I don’t think I’ve ever woken to a nicer view! Even though it was early and not too warm we wrapped up in blankets and spent a couple of hours reading and admiring the view.

This holiday is a chance for both of us to relax after a busy few weeks so we have a mix of ‘doing things’ and ‘doing nothing’ for the next few days. Sounds about perfect to me.

We started off with a boat trip out to the island in one of the tradition rowing boats-the guys rowing must have some decent arm muscles! The island itself is only tiny, it take 15 minutes max to walk around, but has the clearest water and loads of fish to watch.

There’s also a church with a ‘wishing’ Bell (if you make a wish while ringing it, the wish is said to come true), and a couple of cafés.

It’s a beautiful place and we were there early enough that it wasn’t too crowded. The view back towards Bled castle is beautiful and hopefully we will visit there to take some more photos of the island!

For lunch we got to try some tradition Slovenian food; some kind of rolled pancake with a cheese filling and bled cake nom nom.

Afterwards we figured it was our turn to do some exercise and walked the 6km round the lake. It’s a gentle walk with minor inclines, so I’m planning on going for a run round the lake sometime this week. Lots of photos were taken which means I can now have the joy of deciding which of the 35 photos I’ve taken of the same view but from minutely different angles I want to keep! Thank goodness we don’t use film cameras anymore!

It’s so lovely and warm today, I’d bought a jumper out with me this morning but it was far too hot for it, and I love sunshine so I’m going to stock up on my vitamin d now!

Day 1 was finished with a buffet tea and getting to know other people from the hotel. Here’s to a good week away Kathryn!


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