Ljubljana and ice cream

The title of this blog post is purely so I can practice spelling the capital city’s name out, along with practicing to day it (Lub-le-yarna)!

Anyway day two we took the coach to visit Ljubljana. We started with walking up the steep slope to the castle. There is a funicular railway to take you up, but it’s way more fun to stand catching your breath of a few minutes at the top right? Once our colour was less errr angry tomato coloured, we wandered round the castle grounds, most of which is free. While we were there a group of buglers came out and played for us from the clock tower, which left everyone whistling/humming the same tune of a while! We also visited the chapel where a man wrote out each of our names in old script and gave us each a token in Latin that (according to him fit our personalities)

Mine says ‘Love conquers all’ awwwwww.

After walking round the castle walls we headed back down the steep slope (not sure which is easier going up or down) and wandered round the city itself with some of the girls we met at the hotel.

There’s a dragon bridge, padlock bridge quite a few markets with various items being sold, including the biggest fruit and veg market I’ve seen in a while, plus lots little souvenirs shops.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words so I’ll shut up and use photos instead!

Handrolled ice cream.

Ljubljana (I’m getting there….) is a lovely compact city and worth a visit if you’re in the area 🙂


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