What a difference a day makes

Yesterday it was hot and sunny, today it’s not so hot and sunny. We knew this was coming so we semi-prepared by bringing a rain jacket with us up to lake Bohinj. Being fair it hasn’t been too bad, it was dry and lightly cloudy this morning so we still got to take some photos in fairly decent light. Plus when the weathers not great go for macro shots 🙂

We got the coach across to Lake Bohinj, which had to detour through some of the prettiest villages around. Well done to our driver Ritchie who managed to manoeuvre around the tight roads and buildings with only inches to spare.

Once there we befriended a few ducks, bought lunch at the local supermarket (which we promptly decided not to eat in favour of burgers and fries) then got a boat to the other side of the lake. Luciene was our tour guide telling us a little of the history and geography of the are; most of which I’ve forgotten but at the time it was interesting, plus I decided I love the Slovenian accent.

Once at the other side we took a cable car to the top of the mountain 1535 meters up, enjoyed the view and the kids play area. There wasn’t a huge amount to do at the top especially as it was raining so we cut short our trip and headed back down the mountain to find a cafe for a hot chocolate and cake 🙂

Our evenings have become a routine of eating and chatting with Elaine and Bekah, both of whom had been more active than us and had walked 18000 steps to see a waterfall!


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