Paddleboarding and castles

Although we had already visited Bled castle earlier this week, the sun was directly over the castle on that visit so all our photos are overexposed, so we all decided to visit again earlier in the morning and took Bekah with us. The view is worth it, it’s gorgeous and worth a second visit.

After a slow long lunch at a restaurant, accompanied by entertainment from the sparrows; close up aerial displays and eating leftover cream cake!

When Kathryn and I were looking at holidays, one thing that made me want to choose Lake Bled was the opportunity to go paddleboarding, it was also the idea that motivated me to practice paddleboarding on the Cam first. So this afternoon we headed out to the cold lake to try some ‘water sports’-Kathryn and Bekah decided to try rowing instead.

Once I’d got my balance (it takes a few minutes each time!) it was great fun. I’m still learning how to paddle straight but I going slowly round the lake being able to get closer to ducks etc, all the time exercising and it doesn’t feel like it! I thought I’d be cold, as it’s not too warm today and I was wearing my gym clothes, however paddleboarding must be more exertion than I thought as I was comfortably warm. I do love paddleboarding, so hopefully next year I’ll find more opportunity’s to go exploring!

It’s our last full day tomorrow before we head home 😦


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