Week 41 gratitude


Dry and warm clothes! It’s been a bit damp and cold today so it feels warm and snuggly being in dry clothes.


The feeling of freedom and relaxation. I haven’t really had much contact with people from back home and it feels like I’ve had a complete break from my usual life. I’ve meet new people, seen a new country and got to try fun things πŸ™‚


Paddleboarding again, I really love this πŸ™‚


Big squishy pillows, new friendships, safe travels.


I’m back home! I never mind travelling out on holiday, but on the way back I just want to be home. And now I am πŸ™‚ yayyyyy. Now to unpack….


Normally I go back to work straight after a holiday (and I mean straight away, once I went back 5 hours after landing) but this time I’ve treated myself to extra days. It’s nice to be able to get organised and ready to go again.


I had a nice walk around Cambridge today, just enjoying sunshine, fresh air and some people watching.



7 thoughts on “Week 41 gratitude

  1. A lovely grattitude post. Some nice memories for you.


    1. Thanks! I have found being grateful for something each day has helped me β€˜cement’ happy memories in my mind. Much better than focusing on the negatives!

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      1. I do a grattitude journal, which I share each month what I am grateful for and you are right, it does help. I have been doing this for a few month now.
        My move to Mansfield that I have talked about on my blog recently, will be a fresh start for me too.


      2. I’ve definitely being feeling more hopeful and positive since starting.
        How did the move go? Are you settled in yet?


      3. Yes, it does give you a positive mindset doing a grattitude journal. I thought I’d share mine on my blog each month, so I carry on committing to it.

        Move coming soon, thanks. I move into my flat on the 22nd, so not long.


      4. Good luck with the move πŸ™‚ hope it all goes smoothly

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      5. Thank you. πŸ™‚


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