Frugality success/Moving on

When I started this blog I did it as part of a challenge set by Siobhan, to record my adventures for my 30th birthday. I’ve been looking through my bucket list and I’m pleased that I managed to do so many of them and I’ve loved all of the new things that I tried. Some of them are one time things and some of them are things that I want to try again, or I’m going to carry on with.

More recently I’ve been looking at some of my lifetime goals and where I want to go in my life from here. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m advancing personally or professionally, instead I’m letting myself drift along and enjoying the ride. Nothing wrong with that until panic settled in; Everyone else in my family has bought their own house, it was something that was kinda expected and encouraged in us when we were kids. ‘Get a mortgage instead of renting,’ was the spoken and unspoken theme.

Thankfully there was still a little part of rational brain left in my head that told me to stop calm down and think. For a while after that I felt settled again, I wasn’t keen on living on my own, I was sure I couldn’t afford anything, I don’t want to give up my holidays and everything fun in my life in exchange for a house. I carried on enjoying my life, but its been a question that’s always been there, so every so often I would look on rightmove at properties, at ones that I could afford and at ones that I couldn’t ever in a million years afford (yes its still fun though, wondering why on earth people decided that certain colours should go together in a room? Any why would you have a picture of a giant clown staring at you? exaggeration but you know….)

A few months ago after looking through my finances I knew I couldn’t afford to buy, just yet, I also knew that the house that I’m currently renting its not a permanent option. For a while it felt like everything was about the change, and it was so unsettling. None of the options looked like they might work out and I got scared. I considered getting a leasehold flat, but I don’t like the idea of having to sell up again in 5 years time and move on again.

In the meantime I started my frugal challenge month, which kinda worked and kinda didn’t. I learnt that I CAN live on less that I have been, and actually live. Success! Even though I didn’t save as much as I thought I would, I was happy with the result. I was scared of living on bare minimum and not having any fun, however I learnt that I’m a different person than I was 8 years ago, and do actually enjoy my own company and doing my own weird thing. (I’m sorry this is becoming a long ramble!)

So my only conclusion is to start with baby steps and see where it all goes.

Anyone with any advice?



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  1. Buy a house when you want and if you want to, when you know you can afford to. It’s a huge commitment and if you are like me, wanting to put a big deposit on a place before considering a mortgage, then it’s best to save first. In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with renting.

    I would have liked to have bought a house a few months ago, but I don’t have the savings I would like, so I can put down a big deposit. With me also moving soon, it means it has taken some more of my savings, but where I am moving to, I can live long term, till I either move into a council property, or buy a property, should I still wish to.

    Don’t feel pressured to follow anyone else. Do what is right for you.

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