Hundreds of thousands of questions

So in my last post I mentioned about taking baby steps to looking for a place of my own. Those baby steps have been happening fairly quickly but have left me with lots of questions.

I’ve kept an eye on rightmove for a while, just looking out for anything nice that I might like and what I can get for my money. It just so happened that a cute little place come up in the area that I was looking in right after my post. Ahhhhh what to do?

So many many questions

  1. What do you look for when looking at places?
  2. I have 9 months left on my contract with my current house, if I wait until closer to the end of contract a property may not be available. (Need to read house contract on this one) Do I hang tight/hope the process takes a while?
  3. If I do move I either have to pay my rent on top of a mortgage (would be very tight but possible) or find someone else to move in (whole can of worms right there)
  4. Solicitors…. do I need to say anything more?
  5. How do I get to work? I currently cycle but I’m guessing a two hour cycle ride isnt going to be feasible in the winter!
  6. Mortgages (first of all learn to spell it, I keep missing out the T) next problem if figuring out the jargon and which bank to use which one to go for?
  7. Why do I want to buy a house?

The last one is one that I’ve been thinking about a lot, why spend hundreds of thousands of pounds if youre not sure why you’re doing it? A year ago the idea of living on my own terrified me, but slowly I’ve become more comfortable with living on my own, as much as I love my housemate I think I could cope and not be too lonely.

Why buy instead of rent? I’m honestly sick of renting, having a landlord dictate what you can and can’t do, no pets, feeling like you have to treat the house reallllllly carefully in case you loose your deposit, getting complaints as you haven’t mowed the lawn in two weeks (just pave the handkerchief sized patch of grass that’s called a garden please?) etc… Yep that’s the really silly little things. The big thing? ‘m basically paying off someone else’s mortgage when I could be paying off my own.  I love the idea of painting my own place, redecorating it and making it mine and finally buying my own pet hedgehog!

So far I’ve decided to stick to my baby steps namely, get a mortgage agreed in principle, then find out if I like any of the properties and take it from there.

Thankfully my brother bought his own place a couple of months ago and is on hand to give me lots of advice (Thanks lil bro) and my Dad is a Surveyor so those hours of listening to him talking about buildings and architecture are finally paying off (just kidding).

Lets start the ride, breathe and keep smiling 🙂


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