Baby steps

So baby steps onto the rollercoaster of buying a house 🙂

Mistakes not to make when looking to buy a house 1) Don’t get too attached to any property! Can you tell that I’ve already made this mistake?

I found a cute little maisonette in the area I wanted and booked a viewing. I looked through the photos (probably a few too many times) and started dreaming about living there, I tried to figure out how to get to work, asked friends about the area, all that kind of stuff and pretty quickly I started imagining being there.

I booked a viewing and asked my Dad to come and look with me… then I got the phone call that it was sold. Oh. And start the rollercoaster please.

Part of me of course is sad that I didn’t get it, but as soon as I mentioned it to Clare she pointed out that gave me more time to save. (Along with the usual ahh that’s a shame, she isn’t heartless pointing out the good when really you just want to wallow). She’s right, last night I was doing maths making sure I had enough money trying to answer all the hundreds of questions and tbh getting a bit tense when I realised how tight finances were going to be for the next few months.

So yes I’m still a bit gutted I didn’t get to look round it, but then at least the pressure is off a little to buy and as someone needs to shout at me ‘there’s no rush to buy anyway!’ I have somewhere to live and have a contract until next year anyway!



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