Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh

Right let me say this, house hunting is frustrating! The first house I wanted to look at sold before I could look round (boo) so over the weekend I went to look round another flat. I wasn’t as keen on this one, but wanted to see it for comparison.

Well that was fun, first of all we couldn’t find the place at all, no road signs nothing, so went into an Estate agents to ask them. The poor lady looked a bit confused when she told me that this was the road I was looking for and according to road numbers the house I was looking for should be next door to them, but they had no idea where it was….

Rang the Estate Agents, no answer so left a voicemail, they eventually get back to me and pass my number onto the guy who was supposed to show me round. He calls me, apparently there’s no parking not only at the flat but also no where near the flat at all, you’d have to park a mile away and walk back, didn’t the Estate Agent tell you that when you booked a viewing? No, no they didn’t…..

Give up on that one and go for round three! So now I’m back to the beginning of looking at places and trying to figure out all the jargon. I’ve found a place that says it has a share of the freehold, what does that mean? Anyone have a clue?


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