Week 42 of gratitude


Back on annual leave again 🙂 Happy days! For once I haven’t booked myself up for every free minute (I’m not good at sitting still or doing nothing) so I’m going to use this time to get life/house slightly more organised and hopefully catch up with some friends.


Reading 🙂 I love the feeling when you really get into a new book and you’re absorbed into a different persons world.


Meet up with Fran for dinner at Prezzos, we had a vouchers so its wasn’t too expensive either. Its kinda strange how similar our lives are, without knowing we’ll be looking at buying a place or looking for a new job etc we even split up with boyfriends at the same time, and especially at the time it was so good to have someone who knew what it felt like and to force you to see how things were going to work out, and now looking back how things have worked out better than either of us thought!


Chill out day. Nap time. Biscuits. And relax ahhhhhh.


Went back home to visit my Mum and Jodie, went out for coffee then went to see how Jodies house has changed since I last saw it.

I also took my car in for a check up as the gears don’t feel right, the garage said they’re ok so we’ll see!


I sold some more stuff on ebay 🙂 plus I’m making sure that any money I do make goes straight in my savings account.


Siobhan and I went to a friends house for dinner. He has a cool robot called ‘Cosmos’ that we spent ages playing games with and teaching him our names. He’s hilarious especially when he gets angry or has hiccups. Nice dinner too, thanks Lewis!

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