Week 43 of gratitude


My final day off work, it’s going to feel strange going back tomorrow as I’ve been at work on and off for the past month. Today I made my the most of my time off by having an afternoon nap. Ahhhhhh


And back to work today. There’s a lot of people I haven’t seen at work for almost a month so it feels good to see them again.


Glad to have animals in my life.


‘Therapy’ sessions with colleagues.

We spend so much effort trying to keep parts of our lives hidden, even from our closest friends, that in those rare times when we do open up, it’s amazing how minor those secrets all end up being.”– How I met your mother.


Has mandatory training today (major yawn) however my colleague Billy was there to keep me company which made it bearable at least!


Went out to dinner with my sister, her husband and my nephew this evening. I don’t see them that often so it was great to chat and nom.


finding new books at the library to read. Free time to read in. And a giant cushion and blanket to get comfy on.

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