Week 44 of gratitude


When you order contact lenses, get £5 off and they send you free sweets. Double win.


My Mum found out how to send emojis on whats app. This is what our conversations now consist of!


Its lighter in the mornings for a short while so I can run by the river again. My morning runs do make me feel more awake and ready for the day, and running by the river is much prettier than running by the roads.


My colleague who bought me chocolate cake to cheer me up, and Siobhan for doing nothing and encouraging me to do the same. Sometimes you need to do nothing to help you relax!


Its Friday, so that’s always something to be happy about! Plus its a long weekend 🙂


I had a minor panic about my car today, I was doing the usual checks oil, screen wash, tyres etc, went to pump up the back tyre and couldn’t get any air in… panic time, its either the pump (which had been working fine) or the tyre… more expenses grrrr. Took the car to the nearby air filling station, its out of order, go to Tesco, nothing happens…. drive back to my parents to borrow theirs, my brother has it…. ahhhh! Anyway, eventually figured out its the pump that’s the problem not the car. Happy days, that’s a lot cheaper to sort!


I finally got round to reading ‘After You’ by Jo Jo Moyes and really enjoyed it, even more than her first book. Then I really wanted to read the third book in the series, which finally came into stock in the library 🙂 I read ‘Still Me’ in less than a day, its a great way to finish things off. Great day snuggling and reading.

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