Firework night

Remember the 5th of November, stay away from lit fireworks, have a bucket of water ready close by, wrap up warm, have marshmallows, hot chocolate and soup on standby, check the bonfire for any animals before lighting it… there’s a lot of remembers for Bonfire night!

Anyway….. for years I’ve been asking my parents to let me light a firework, and they (aka my Mum) have always refused to let me. Probably something to do with the pyromaniac in me that liked to play with candles when we were little and terrified my Mum that I was going to burn down the house.

However this year my Parents decided to host a bonfire party and agreed to let me set off a firework….. I must be growing up!

Yes its blurry but I like the colours 🙂 

And I swear they all moved as far as back as they could, as if I was going to aim it directly at them. I wouldn’t do that… not on purpose anyway. There’s not much to setting off a firework, and this probably isn’t interesting to anyone apart from me! I loved it though, watching all the colors and explosions.

But yep it was fun, hanging out with family, playing Lego with my nephew, making a guy for the bonfire, burning all the old bits of paperwork that accumulate throughout the year and eating our way through the mountain of food that mum had made. Apparently she has prepared for feeding the five thousand not the eight of us!

Happy bonfire night!


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