Week 46 of gratitude


Thick fluffy gloves 🙂


Thankful that some decisions have been made ready for this winter, they’re not easy decisions to make but I think they’re the right ones.


Happy Birthday Dan 🙂 Thank you for the all teaching and time 🙂


I’m grateful for my diving instructors who give up their time to teach me and keep me safe. I’m finally getting there with my sports diver course, just got one final open water lesson and the theory test left.


As always happens with life people move on and it seems to happen in clumps, recently it seems to be at work that people are cutting down their days or getting new jobs. I’m happy for them that they’re finding things and grateful for the times we had together 🙂 Good luck guys.


Had a crazily busy day running from one meet up to another, but in a good way. I got to see Fran, Jodie and Kathryn, Siobhan all for catch ups, four of my favourite people in the world 🙂


Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse! and thank you for all the happy memories.

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