I’ve been slipping

It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in a long time, and looking back over my blog, I have written my thoughts of gratitude daily but haven’t really been up to much else! When I started this blog it was all about making my 30th year the best it could be and doing as many things as I can.

More recently I’ve started looking at the bigger things on my bucket list and seeing if they are achievable, number one being buying my own place. I kinda stopped looking for a while, just because nothing on the market was moving. Yesterday I was talking to one of my colleagues about mortgages and I found out something… interesting… I’ve been assuming that the amount the banks said I could borrow included my deposit, however since talking to Julie and reading through it all a bit more carefully, the amount you can borrow does not include the deposit, although the amount you put down as a deposit can affect the amount you can borrow. For me that’s a bit of a game changer. I did look for places that were slightly out of my budget, trying to see how much more saving I needed to do to afford something I liked then stopped as it was too depressing seeing these places that I liked but wouldn’t be able to afford. Meh… However now this seems a bit more viable, having that little bit extra adds on a lot of properties that I could possibly afford. Yayyyyyy!

However looking at more expensive properties also means that I would have more to pay off per month, so its back to trying to figure out sums of how much everything costs each month! I currently house share with three other people so everything gets split between us, so I really don’t have a clue how much electricity/gas/water would cost for one person compared to four? Anyone have any clue?

Ps just been to see a house, and really like it. I’m scared of the feeling, I don’t want to get set on it and then don’t get it. Wish me luck in the next steps (whatever they end up being!)


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