Week 47 of gratitude


Had Team Leader training for the Homeless Project that I volunteer for tonight, as part of the training we got to hear some of the stories of guys we supported last year and where they are now. Its so good to hear how some of them have moved on, got their own place and a job, are feeling happier and more settled.


I’ve always wanted to join a writing group but always get nervous when meeting groups of people I don’t know (guess that’s fairly common?), so today I found a creative writing group that I knew I wanted to join but on the bike ride over I got so nervous I was looking for any excuse not to go. Then when I was there and they told me that we would be reading out what we wrote to the group my head was going no no no no no, what escape plan can I use?  Often I struggle to find inspiration of what to write, but the group gives you a word prompt and 20 minutes to write whatever comes into your head. I thought I’d struggle with it, but found when I started scribbling stuff down ides started flowing. My writing was probably terrible, don’t get me wrong but I loved the feeling of writing, and even the reading it out loud wasn’t too bad.


Went for a night kayak along the Backs, we had the river to ourselves,it wasn’t too cold and the reflections of trees and Christmas lights in the water were unreal.


Drove back ‘home home’ with Siobhan and we stopped off for a christmas hot chocolate at Costa (household tradition) then I spent the day with Jodie chatting and eating leftover wedding sweets, and stayed for dinner in the evening. Just a perfect chill out day. Happy Thanksgiving!


I found halloumi fries in Aldi! (Am I too thankful for food???) Also I had to work in a different base to my usual base doing a specialty I know nothing about, the morning went ok, but afternoon was a lot better.


Went to another house viewing and really liked it, in a good condition and not too far out. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but also trying to be honest on the blog! Maybe it’s time to take another step? So so scared but also a little excited, just reminding myself however this works out it’s all fine 🙂


Rewatching Chronicles of Narnia, I can remember the first time I watched this and I still love it as much as that first time!


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