Taking the next step

The house hunt continues…. and I’ve finally found a place that I like! After trawling through Rightmove (and resisting the urge to look at properties outside of my budget; its not going to help!) I’ve got very used to filtering and re-filtering things on various websites, and after each house viewing I would reflect on what I did and didn’t like about the property and using that information as I moved forward.

Most people start off with a list of must haves and don’t wants for their property, I had one must have and it basically ruled out a lot of things… it must be affordable. Unfortunately I live in a an expensive city so I knew staying in the city itself was never going to happen, so I widened my search to the surrounding villages. And then widened it some more. I had found a few places, but a lot of them needed a few thousand pounds worth of work to make them nice, or even livable and its money I knew I wasn’t going to have for a while. Then I got (hopefully lucky) I found a maisonette that is leasehold, which wasn’t originally what I wanted, but this has a 98 year lease and minimal service charges. However, its nicely decorated, well looked after, has a lovely kitchen, way more space than any of the other properties and has a garage. Yes please!

So I’ve put in an offer on the house, and I’m so nervous! I had to psyche myself up (and get Matt to psyche me up as well) just to make the phone call to put in an offer…. I hate phone calls as it is, especially to strangers, long story why! So now the next waiting game begins.

Even now as I’m waiting for a phonecall back, I’m telling myself all the good things that may happen if it doesn’t work out; more time to save for a bigger deposit/other costs, I have 7 months left on my house contract so can’t and don’t need to move immediately, I’d rather it fell apart now rather than later.

Taking more deep breaths and wish me luck!



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  1. Good luck. Hope it works out for you!


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